Designed by a team of mental health clinicians.

Engage with your patients to understand their recovery journey

KetaJourney is designed by a team of mental health clinicians, ketamine patients, and survivors of trauma/chronic depression. We are passionate about helping people who help people recover from depression, trauma, and anxiety.

KetaJourney is based on patients directing their own psychedelic journeys toward recovery. To this end, we want to empower Ketamine providers to customize each patient’s treatment protocol for optimal results. The KetaJourney application becomes a lifeline between providers and their patients to improve treatment outcomes, reduce risk, and streamline practice management.

Our co-founders have extensive experience and great passion for clinical recovery through Ketamine.

Dr. Jason LaHood, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with 15 years of clinical experience and specialties in depression, trauma, and suicidology. Dr. LaHood is the creator of KetaTherapy™ the only psychotherapy program designed to work in collaboration with Ketamine treatments.

Elizabeth Selph, MBA, has been a technology business leader and entrepreneur for two decades, holding management positions in companies including Deloitte, Yahoo and several technology startups. Through her own personal journey, she has experienced the power of Ketamine treatment and is now completing her graduate coursework to become a mental health counselor.

Though they come from different backgrounds, their common path to recovery through Ketamine has united them to share this journey with others in need. KetaJourney aims to put the keys to this journey in the hands of both the providers and their patients.