Track Your Patients' Journey To Recovery

Engage with your patients to understand their recovery journey

Providing ketamine is a life-saving service, but too often the symptoms of depression, trauma, and pain get in the way of effective treatment conversations.

What if there was a way for your patients to provide better information to guide ketamine treatment decisions?

As mental health clinicians, we understand the pressures that ketamine providers are under to evaluate and treat patients with high risk psychiatric diagnoses.

Through our own experiences as patients receiving ketamine treatment, we have intimate knowledge with what is necessary for your patients to recover.

We created KetaJourney to help Ketamine providers leverage data and patient experiences to improve outcomes, protect against risk, and eliminate the myth of “non-responders.”

We invite you and your patients to elevate your journey through KetaJourney.

Elevate your Patient’s Ketamine Treatment Journey

KetaJourney leverages the power of technology in your patients’ pockets, with state-of-the-art patient assessments, treatment analysis, and collaborative tools. In conjunction with your medical expertise, KetaJourney allows you to utilize the skills of a clinical psychologist in real-time during and between treatments.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Improved Response Rate

Streamline Clinical Encounters

Empower Patients & Improve Outcomes

How It Works

At Time of Treatment

  1. Provider reviews Patient’s history and past infusion data
  2. Patient shares symptom patterns and aspects of their recovery journey
  3. Provider helps patients document details of the current infusion
  4. After the treatment, Patient rates their infusion experience for future reference 

Between Treatments

  1. Patient completes custom symptom tracking assessments
  2. Provider can push requests for Patient to take an assessment
  3. Secure mobile app provides a dynamic community for Patient support
  4. Patient app provides well-being suggestions based on assessment scores

The clinics can track/monitor patient assessment data in an easy to use the website and customize the patients’ drip/dose levels to ensure disassociation, engage with the patients outside of the clinic and drive better recovery rates.  

Patient Benefits

Manage their recovery journey

Ketamine community support network

Understand how to partner with their infusions